Store Design & Branding

Build a new Online Store in Seconds

Whether you’re a large publisher or a solo entrepreneur in a small town, you can start a daily deals business. If you’re a merchant with a website and an email list, or if you have a large following on Facebook or Twitter, you should be making money with group buying and flash commerce.

Deal Co-op makes it incredibly easy to start/create a new daily deal or group buying website. By using our Interactive Store Designer, you can quickly build your own store and get down to business right away. Upload your logo and branding, choose colors and backgrounds, and watch your new store form right in front of your eyes.

Eager to get started? Just begin your free trial and and start building your new business!

Link to a Custom Domain

Easily map a URL ( to your store in the Deal Co-op admin. If you already have an existing website, design your store to look like a natural extension of that site and map it to a subdomain ( Either way, the store will be white-labeled to the brand of your choice.

Tweak the Little Things

Once your store is designed, there are lots of ways to make small customizations so that everything is just right. Easily create HTML widgets with your own content or drop one in showing Facebook likes. You can also build a Custom Page that appears in the navbar and highlights special features of your store. Even zoom in and modify individual store content elements using our Content Editor. Our favorite example…┬áchanged About Us to The Schpiel.