Merchant Tools & Validation

Voucher Validation

Printed vouchers are a fact of life in the daily deals and group buying industry. Merchants often ask how they can be sure a printed, incoming voucher is valid. Deal Co-op has a variety of tools that merchants can use to validate vouchers, including an app that allows merchants to scan barcodes printed on each voucher with their iPhone or iPod touch. Once the voucher is scanned, our system will be contacted in real time, and we’ll confirm that it is valid.

The Deal Co-op barcode scanning app allows merchants to accept vouchers with peace of mind that they are valid and unused. It provides instant feedback, and is perfect for merchants that sell a high volume of vouchers.

Vouchers can also be easily validated by crossing off numbers from a printed codesheet, by logging into the system and crossing them off a “virtual” codesheet, or directly on a smartphone when customers redeem paperless mobile vouchers.

Merchant Payment Fulfillment

Making sure that merchants are paid in a timely manner is essential to your store’s credibility. One service available to all of our stores at no additional charge is the option to have Deal Co-op pay your merchants directly for their deal revenue share. Through our partnership with the payment fulfillment division of Sungard, a Fortune 500 company, we’ll send out checks like clockwork every two weeks to your merchants. Want to pay merchants directly? No problem… we’ll have Sungard send you the check instead.

Legal Agreements

Once a merchant has expressed interest in making an offer on your site, you need to make sure you get their legal approval in writing. Deal Co-op has pre-populated email approval forms that you can send to each merchant. Each form contains all of the information about your deal and serves as a legal contract between your store and the merchant. Once the merchant replies “I Agree”, you’ll be under contract and approved to run the deal.