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Email Marketing

Well-formatted emails are a crucial element in promoting a successful daily deal website. When it comes to sending out email deal announcements, we’ve got you covered. Our system is fully integrated with Mailchimp’s API. This means you can create beautiful email campaigns and schedule them directly from your Deal Co-op administrative area via Mailchimp. Don’t want to use Mailchimp? No problem. We’ll give you HTML that you can plug into the email program of your choice.

Your email blasts will highlight the main deal being offered on your site, and also any side deals. You can customize the email’s header and border colors to make sure it’s a perfect fit with your branding.

Beyond integrated email marketing, Deal Co-op gives you a wide range of tools that you can use to promote your deals. These include distribution affiliates, social media integration, and sweepstakes and contests.

Distribution Affiliates

One great way to build your distribution list is to empower other people, organizations, and websites to promote your offers. Deal Co-op gives you access to powerful Distribution Affiliate tools including custom landing pages, special tracking URL’s, and javascript widgets. You can then watch the data and see what outside sources are sending you traffic. Compensate third party promoters per subscriber, new buyer, or based on a percentage of sales.