Build & Schedule Deals

Create Beautiful Deals That Your Audience Will Love

Building well-formatted deals is a breeze with our step-by-step Deal Builder. Once your store is up and running, you can start creating deals in no time.

Quickly and easily create attractive offers that can be purchased by your customers. We’ll take you through easy deal-construction steps, and even help you create graphics if Photoshop isn’t your specialty. Once your deal is built, we’ll show you how to gain approval from the merchant, schedule the offer on your Deal Calendar, and send out great looking email blasts announcing the special to your audience.

Schedule Deals on the Calendar

It’s important to always know what deals are running, when they are being offered, and their placement on your deal site. Our Deal Calendar makes managing your deals and slotting them into the appropriate spots easy and intuitive.

Keep the Merchant’s Needs in Mind

It’s important that you craft offers that ensure merchants will come away happy. We have many tools to help you build merchant-friendly deals. This includes Inventory controls which allow you to set offer purchase limits, Multiple Price Points that give you the ability on each deal to set multiple pricing options and variations, and Custom Voucher Codes in case a merchant needs their actual codes in advance of the offer.