Rocky Agrawal, you need your own deals store


Hi Rocky. It’s Nate Schmidt, CEO at Deal Co-op. We’re a company building for the future of the daily deals industry, and we believe it involves giving anyone with an audience the ability to provide them value by serving relevant offers. I’m writing because I think a lot about long term deals sustainability, and am the type of person that relishes the challenge of winning over critics. And in this industry, you’re the biggest. So I’d like to invite you to join in my vision for the future of daily deals by starting your own deal store. In fact, we’ve already made you one. Go ahead, you can check it out at

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We All Scream for Self Serve


I have two young boys and their lives revolve around ice cream.  Not just any ice cream will do for these pint-sized connoisseurs.  The one and only place that can satisfy their cravings is the hip new self serve shop across town.  Why settle for the one flavor in the fridge or the three generic […]

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Sample Daily Deal Sales Call

Enjoy this sample sales pitch for a daily deals website, featuring a panda and a bear with groucho glasses. This video is fun, but contains a lot of helpful sales pitch pointers, so watch carefully deal store owners!

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Tales from the Newest Deal Co-op Employee


Hey everyone, it’s the new girl. My name is Jordyn and I just recently filled the position of Content Specialist here at Deal Co-op. I entered the job search last month after graduating with a Masters of Marketing from the University of Alabama. As one by one, my friends were getting jobs in Corporate America, […]

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