Rocky Agrawal, you need your own deals store

Hi Rocky. It’s Nate Schmidt, CEO at Deal Co-op. We’re a company building for the future of the daily deals industry, and we believe it involves giving anyone with an audience the ability to provide them value by serving relevant offers. I’m writing because I think a lot about long term deals sustainability, and am the type of person that relishes the challenge of winning over critics. And in this industry, you’re the biggest. So I’d like to invite you to join in my vision for the future of daily deals by starting your own deal store. In fact, we’ve already made you one. Go ahead, you can check it out at

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The Value of Targeted Distribution – Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals

During our time at TechStars, we were fortunate enough to work with Brad Feld as one of our lead mentors. This typically involved a 30 minute weekly meeting, either in person or on Skype. Midway through the program, Brad concluded a meeting in typical fashion, asking “what can I do to help you guys?” We were looking for new customers that a) had a big audience, and b) knew a lot of merchants, so we asked Brad for any good contacts. “Well, I have a big audience and I know lots of merchants, why don’t you build me a deal store?”

And with that suggestion, Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals was born.

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Daily Deals Code of Conduct

Last week a group called the Global Daily Deals Association created a model Code of Conduct for daily deal store operators. If you operate a deals store, the code (think short pamphlet) is worth a read. It advocates running your store responsibly, encouraging behaviors like avoidance of spam, clear terms to the customer and merchant, and well-stated refund policies.

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