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Rocky Agrawal, you need your own deals store

Hi Rocky. It’s Nate Schmidt, CEO at Deal Co-op. We’re a company building for the future of the daily deals industry, and we believe it involves giving anyone with an audience the ability to provide them value by serving relevant offers. I’m writing because I think a lot about long term deals sustainability, and am the type of person that relishes the challenge of winning over critics. And in this industry, you’re the biggest. So I’d like to invite you to join in my vision for the future of daily deals by starting your own deal store. In fact, we’ve already made you one. Go ahead, you can check it out at

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Today, operating in Detroit and powered by the Deal Co-op software platform, announced the acquisition of, also a Detroit daily deal store. This is the first case where aDeal Co-op store has made an acquisition, and we’re thrilled for OyWhataDeal owner Brian Giles and his team.
OyWhataDeal has had a lot of success over the last year, running deals that regularly sell hundreds of units a day. Brian is a great example of a local entrepreneur that through hustle and innovation has created a brand that is loved by local customers and merchants alike. He is constantly looking at how he can put together deals that make sense for merchants, and is working with the local community to create a profitable and responsible deals store.

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