We All Scream for Self Serve

I have two young boys and their lives revolve around ice cream.  Not just any ice cream will do for these pint-sized connoisseurs.  The one and only place that can satisfy their cravings is the hip new self serve shop across town.  Why settle for the one flavor in the fridge or the three generic toppings available at the local fast food joint when there is a magical place with unlimited combinations to satisfy any sweet tooth.

After many trials and tribulations, my 5 year old has come to appreciate the classic – vanilla covered in chocolate, sprinkled with chocolate, with a dash of chocolate chips on top.  My 2 year old, still in the experimental stage, is happiest with a rainbow of flavors and a volcano of toppings overflowing the bowl.

They can do it themselves.  They can create their own.  Everyone is happy.

This revolution in ice cream is exactly what we at Deal Co-op are offering in the daily deal space: websites of every size and taste.  Our platform has advanced so that companies looking to run their own deal sites no longer have to start from scratch.  Have your site up and running in no time with our Interactive Store Designer that allows you to choose background colors, upload your logo and choose from a variety of fonts.  The possibilities are endless and your site is uniquely designed for you.

At Deal Co-op we also realize that our clients have varying needs for our services beyond the design of their deal site.  As a full service software partner, we offer you the ability to sprinkle in any features you need to succeed.  One of our many great options to incorporate is the ability to use distribution affiliates, that can help you build your distribution list. Our Distribution Affiliate tool includes custom landing pages, special tracking URL’s, and javascript widgets. If you are the kind of person that wants even more toppings, take advantage of our public deals, which has national deals that can be run on any store, and local deals for store owners living in a major U.S. market. It gets even better! Find a great deal and gain even larger distribution by  share your deals with other related Deal Co-op stores.

Self serve ice cream shops have showed us where the ice cream market is headed. Deal Co-op knows the future of Group Buying and it’s not through services like Groupon or Living Social.  It’s through you.  That’s why we have designed a “self serve” tool that lets you get started today.