Tales from the Newest Deal Co-op Employee

Hey everyone, it’s the new girl. My name is Jordyn and I just recently filled the position of Content Specialist here at Deal Co-op. I entered the job search last month after graduating with a Masters of Marketing from the University of Alabama. As one by one, my friends were getting jobs in Corporate America, I took another route and entered the unfamiliar world of tech-startups.

As an innately nervous person, I was surprised how calm and at-ease I was walking through the front doors of Innovation Depot on my first day of work. But that just speaks to the level of comfort of the environment at Deal Co-op. Notice I did not call it an “office environment”? Because it is not really an office. Not in the ordinary sense anyway.

Instead of crowded cubicles, you will find an open work area made up of desks and computers where the CEO sits right next to the new girl and where paintings of robot and monkeys adorn the wall. Instead of business suits, everyone here is in jeans or shorts. If unhappy people monotonously filing papers and staring at the clock were what I was looking for, I would have been seriously out of luck. And speaking of a cool working atmosphere, does your office have a game of Cornhole set up in the corner? Well at Deal Co-op, “Bags”‘ as we call it, is a daily activity. I have lost every game so far, but I promise I am getting better. Oh, did I mention the boss buys lunch for us once a week? Between all that, we are doing actual work; it just doesn’t seem like it. Because when you are passionate about the company and the product you are working on, the word “job” just doesn’t cover it.

It is only my first week, but I already love it here. I couldn’t be more excited about coming to work every day and not only having fun, but learning more than I ever could sitting in a cubicle in a 70-story high rise desperately waiting for 5pm to roll around.