OyWhataDeal.com acquires HipCityDeals.com

Today OyWhataDeal.com, operating in Detroit and powered by the Deal Co-op software platform, announced the acquisition of HipCityDeals.com, also a Detroit daily deal store. This is the first case where a Deal Co-op store has made an acquisition, and we’re thrilled for OyWhataDeal owner Brian Giles and his team.

OyWhataDeal has had a lot of success over the last year, running deals that regularly sell hundreds of vouchers a day. Brian is a great example of a local entrepreneur that through hustle and innovation has created a brand that is loved by local customers and merchants alike. He is constantly looking at how he can put together deals that make sense for merchants, and is working with the local community to create a profitable and responsible deals store.

HipCityDeals was no fire sale… they were also doing very well in the Detroit market, making daily offers and enjoying an excellent reputation in the community. By combining forces, the two sites recognized they could legitimately become a local competitor to the larger, national deal sites in the Detroit market.

A big concern of Oy was migrating HipCityDeals to the Deal Co-op software platform. There are a lot of issues that have to be properly managed when you migrate a deal store. How do you handle user accounts? What messaging do you send out to existing customers? How do you properly migrate the store design and domain? How do you migrate email marketing? At Deal Co-op we’ve thought a lot about migration, and we were able to make it very easy for Oy to port the HipCityDeals store to our software.¬† We even had our graphic designers freshen up the HipCityDeals logo. As Brian explains, “One of the keys to this acquisition was our ability to transition HipCityDeals to our Deal Coop platform seamlessly and efficiently. ¬†With Deal Coop’s assistance, we were able to re-launch the HipCity brand literally overnight!”

Last week the newly migrated HipCityDeals site launched, and had a very successful first deal. The conversion was properly communicated to buyers, and they were able to purchase on the new site without missing a beat. If customers needed access to old vouchers, a system was put in place to easily give them access to past purchases.

We work hard to make sure that our deal store partners have their technology needs covered, allowing them to get on with the business of finding deals and connecting them to relevant buyers. We’re thrilled to be a part of the success of OyWhataDeal, and think it’s a very positive indicator that Deal Co-op stores are enjoying enough success that they are able to grow and even acquire competitors. We expect to see great things from Oy / HipCity in the near future.