Daily Deals Code of Conduct

Recently, a group called the Global Daily Deals Association created a model Code of Conduct for daily deal store operators. If you operate a deals store, the code (think short pamphlet) is worth a read. It advocates running your store responsibly, encouraging behaviors like avoidance of spam, clear terms to the customer and merchant, and well-stated refund policies. At Deal Co-op, we absolutely encourage store owners to act with the best interests of the customer and merchant in mind, and to operate responsible and sustainable stores. I don’t know much about this association (Deal Co-op is not a member), but applaud their effort, however brief in its first incarnation.

A good next step would be to extend this code and create a Merchant Code of Conduct, which could cover such topics as:

  • Negotiating revenue shares
  • Understanding expiration dates
  • Promotional vs. face value
  • Handling common refund scenarios
  • Voucher validation practices
  • Structuring merchant friendly deals
  • Knowing the audience you will reach

Overall, merchants are the lifeblood of the deals industry, and having ones that are better informed about industry best practices is a net win for all involved. Especially for stores that have highly targeted, niche distribution lists.