The Value of Targeted Distribution – Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals

During our time at TechStars, we were fortunate enough to work with Brad Feld as one of our lead mentors. This typically involved a 30 minute weekly meeting, either in person or on Skype. Midway through the program, Brad concluded a meeting in typical fashion, asking “what can I do to help you guys?” We were looking for new customers that a) had a big audience, and b) knew a lot of merchants, so we asked Brad for any good contacts. “Well, I have a big audience and I know lots of merchants, why don’t you build me a deal store?”

And with that suggestion, Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals was born.

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We All Scream for Self Serve

I have two young boys and their lives revolve around ice cream.  Not just any ice cream will do for these pint-sized connoisseurs.  The one and only place that can satisfy their cravings is the hip new self serve shop across town.  Why settle for the one flavor in the fridge or the three generic […]

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Daily Deals Code of Conduct

Last week a group called the Global Daily Deals Association created a model Code of Conduct for daily deal store operators. If you operate a deals store, the code (think short pamphlet) is worth a read. It advocates running your store responsibly, encouraging behaviors like avoidance of spam, clear terms to the customer and merchant, and well-stated refund policies.

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Sample Daily Deal Sales Call

Enjoy this sample sales pitch for a daily deals website, featuring a panda and a bear with groucho glasses. This video is fun, but contains a lot of helpful sales pitch pointers, so watch carefully deal store owners!

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Shortage of Rails Developers Not Considered Harmful

RailsConf Job Board

Recently, there has been some discussion around the apparent difficulty some companies are having finding Rails developers. At least one blog post makes the assertion that this shortage of devs is inherently bad for the Rails community, arguing that companies will ultimately decide to go with a different technology (PHP, .Net, etc). While this may […]

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Tales from the Newest Deal Co-op Employee

Hey everyone, it’s the new girl. My name is Jordyn and I just recently filled the position of Content Specialist here at Deal Co-op. I entered the job search last month after graduating with a Masters of Marketing from the University of Alabama. As one by one, my friends were getting jobs in Corporate America, […]

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Today, operating in Detroit and powered by the Deal Co-op software platform, announced the acquisition of, also a Detroit daily deal store. This is the first case where aDeal Co-op store has made an acquisition, and we’re thrilled for OyWhataDeal owner Brian Giles and his team.
OyWhataDeal has had a lot of success over the last year, running deals that regularly sell hundreds of units a day. Brian is a great example of a local entrepreneur that through hustle and innovation has created a brand that is loved by local customers and merchants alike. He is constantly looking at how he can put together deals that make sense for merchants, and is working with the local community to create a profitable and responsible deals store.

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The Sustainable Future of the Daily Deals Industry

At Deal Co-op we spend a lot of time thinking about the future of the daily deals industry, and we’re convinced that it lies with local people connecting targeted audiences to relevant deals. The key is giving these people (such as publishers and entrepreneurs) the tools to easily and effectively compete with the likes of Groupon and Living Social. Today we have released a product that accomplishes exactly this goal.
We’re excited to announce the launch of a self-serve product that has made starting a daily deals / group buying website easier than ever before. If you are interested in starting your own deals business, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t find better or more user-friendly software anywhere on the web. In fact, you should quit reading this blog post and start building your store immediately. After filling out a short signup form, you’ll be taken to our Interactive Store Designer, where you can start a new ecommerce site with all the features you would expect from a much larger operation.

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